Overland Equipment – What Is It? How Does it Work?

Overland Equipment is an innovative new way to travel around the world. Learn more about this amazing concept!

Overlanding is a unique form of long distance travel that allows travelers to explore remote destinations by vehicle, foot, bicycle, horseback, kayak, raft, or any other means of transportation. We focus on products for your 4×4, van, pickup type vehicles. Traditionally referred to as camping, and as camping equipment became more innovative since the mid 2000’s the products have become more luxurisous, easier to setup, able to cope with varying climates, and can be used for more than 1 task, i.e. a hardshell tent can also be used to carry some other equipment on the roof. 

Today vehicle overlanding equipment is fitted with Roof Top Tents, 270 or side awnings, shower tents, kitchens with LPG, induction cookers, water tanks for cleaning/showering or holding drinking water than can be refilled by water filters from various water sources. 

The vehicle has a dual battery system that can power your fridges, lights, mobile devices, laptop and camera equipment power at 220 or 110V AC power, and replinesh the batteries via DCDC chargers that can handle LifeP04, AGM, GEL and SLD batteries. To top up the power consumed for your core electrical components the batteries recharge capacity can be supplemented with solar panels that are fixed or portable and deployed as and when needed. 

The vehicles can be outfitted with suspension lift kits or higher rated springs to carry the loads, winches, driving and camp lights, recovery boards, recovery ropes/shackles and a myriad of tools to allow the occupants to reach that special remote location that we long for away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Listen to the campfire crackle, cook a scrumptious meal, and bond with our friends or family. 

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