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PECRON E2000LFP 230V Expandable Portable Power Station EU Version

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        • 2000W AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter (4000W Surge);
        • 1920Wh Large Capacity
        • LiFePO4 Battery with 3,500+ Life Cycles to 80%
        • Can Cascade 2*EB3000, Expandable Up to 8064Wh
        • 1200W Max Solar Charging,
        • 1-2 Hours Super Fast Charging
        • 13 Versatile Output; 15W Wireless Charger; PD 100W USB-C
        • More Ways to Recharge (AC/Solar/Car/Generator/AC+Solar)
        • Bidirectional Charge Flow Between Main Unit & Expansion Battery
        • 3.5-4hours to Charge too 100% with 1 adapter, 2 adapter can be purchased to reduce the charge time too 1.5-2hours
Additional information

Additional information

Weight 28.15 kg
Dimensions 520 × 375 × 550 mm


Model E2000LFP
Rated Power 2000W
Peak Power 4000W  (10MS)
Capacity 1920Wh (Can Expandable up to 8064Wh)
AC Input 230V/50Hz Pure Sine Wave
PV Input Voc 12V~18V / 100W Max /7A Max.
2 x Voc 32V~95V / 600W Max / 15A Max
Battery Type LiFePo4 Battery
can retain 80% of its original capacity at 3500 complete charge cycles
Weight 48.5lbs(22Kg)
DC Output 12V
Dimension 16.1x10x11.6in
Car Input DC 12~18V–100W(Max)
More charging options

More charging options

Charging Type: AC Charging/ Solar Charging/ Car Charging/ Hybrid Charging
Charging Type: AC Charging/ Solar Charging/ Car Charging/ Hybrid Charging
AC Output: AC230V/50Hz Pure Sine Wave
PV Input: 12~18V-100W(Max). 32~95V–600W(Max)*2
Car Input:   DC 12~18V–100W(Max)
Adapter Input: 42V⎓15A
Rated Power: 2000W(Peak Power 4000W)
DC Output: 12V Regulated Cigarette Lighter; 12V(5.5mm) DC Socket*x2; USB-C: PD100W x 1; USB-C: 18W x 1; USB-A: 18W x 1; 5V2A x 3;
15W Wireless Charger
Charge Controller: Three MPPT
Product Dimension: 16.1x10x11.6in.(409x256x297mm)
Net Weight: 48.5lbs(22Kg)

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