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  • Renogy Bluetooth Module
    Adventurer 30A PWM Flush Mount Charge Controller
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    Renogy BT-2 Bluetooth Module

    Meet the Renogy BT-2 Bluetooth Module! Unlike the BT-1, this new generation of Bluetooth Module is compatible with a variety of products, including Renogy solar charge controllers, smart lithium batteries, inverters, and DC-DC MPPT battery chargers.

    AED 165.00 Including Sales Tax: AED 173.25
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    Renogy BT-1 Bluetooth Module

    The Renogy BT-1 Bluetooth Module (New Version) pairs great with any compatible Renogy solar charge controller. This updated model boasts an increased signal range of up to 82 feet and an additional LED to indicate when your devices have synced.

    AED 165.00 Including Sales Tax: AED 173.25