Renogy E.FLEX 100 Portable Solar Panel

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Constructed from high-efficiency solar cells, the Renogy E.FLEX 100 Portable Solar Panel keeps you going by turning sunlight into usable energy for your essential electronics.

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Its smart junction box offers multiple output options for a simple plug-and-play experience—charge smartphones, laptops, rechargeable power supplies, and more! Industrial-strength PET polymers and rugged polyester canvas make the Renogy E.FLEX 100 durable and weather-resistant. This lightweight, compact solar panel is the perfect companion for outdoor activities. Plus, with its integrated carrying handles, you can take it anywhere!

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Weight 3.57 kg
Dimensions 544 × 536 × 2 mm
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Highly Efficient
Premium solar cells with an energy conversion efficiency of up to 21%~23% guarantee sufficient power output in daylight conditions.

Universal Compatibility
The voltage switchable DC port, USB port, and USB-C port are ready to charge smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Solar Panel Connectors are available for rechargeable power supplies.

Optimized Charging
An intelligent chip automatically identifies connected devices and adjusts output current to offer the fastest possible charging speed.

Superior Durability
Industrial-strength PET polymers and rugged polyester canvas provide lasting durability to protect against unpredictable weather conditions.

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